Leagues of Fortune Rating

Microgaming, a leader in the online casino industry continues to players with amazing new releases awe. Microgaming released another brand new slot under the name Leagues of Fortune. This slot as other compelling video slots is certainly a big hit with both avid slots players and newcomers alike.

Full Review

Leagues of Fortune is an amazing video slot game featuring a stunning underwater theme. Players will embark on a sea journey as they discover treasures. This slot machine is with great features to improve the game, including the bonus rounds, wild symbols, multipliers and some of the best graphics seen on packed every game.

The highlight of the game is the free spin round. This is activated when players three treasure chests on the screen at any place. The players are then of a giant squid, smashing the roles to be entertained. This reduces the number of free spins that have won to reveal. The players enjoy payouts worth five times the normal amount lie during this exceptional bonus round.

This game, like many Microgaming offers bright and vivid graphics and some amusing animations. Wall players can enjoy various underwater creatures and symbols that represent the theme of the game to see. In addition to the great visual effects this slot also offers nice sound effects and background music.

The game is a multi-payline slot, allowing the players will choose from a variety of denominations. With the free spin round there is a great chance to win some impressive payouts, especially with the 5x multiplier available. The game of the regular payouts are also very rewarding.

Matches, earn more money, this game offers a Gamble feature. This is a new feature on Microgaming games and will allow players to change the odds Gamble, their preferences. It will also allow the player to play to win her past, as many times as they want, as long as they keep winning. This is a great feature that will surely become very popular among the Microgaming slot fans. Leagues of Fortune be found to all top Microgaming casinos here to see.