InterCasino recommends Spider-Man

The latest Spider-Man movie is to be released come next week. InterCasino that has two Spider-Man Theme online slots, has an interesting write-up in his latest blog. The Amazing Spider-Man is a 150 million project that Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker aka Spider-Man and Emma Stone as his first love, Gwen Stacy stars. The blockbuster film focuses on Parker as a teenager and traces the origins of his superpowers. In the action before the Marvel Super Heroes will face off against the villain Dr. Curt Connors. Two things stand out about The Amazing Spider-Man. The previous Spider-Man film was released way back in 2007 and thus the interest level is high. The film will be released in 3D, and this will make the thrilling action sequences on the big screen.

InterCasino Blog says: “… now might be the perfect time for online casino fans, to be re-acquainted with the web-shooting super hero.” The first Spider-Man Marvel brand slot game at InterCasino was published with the title The Amazing Spider-Man. The symbols on the reels include the villain Venom and girlfriend Gwen Stacy. Spider-Man is the Joker and see overshoots building in his own way. Spider-Man is only on reels 2 and 4. When these roles appear together on both the Spider Web enabled. After you turn on reel 3 in wilderness and payments will be restored to normal payouts all spots. The Spider-Man logo is the scatter symbol. It activates the Spider-Man property. Players must choose between two functions. In the free game 15 free spins with doubled payouts and other Spider-Man icons excellent. The Venom property is a thematic bonus game on the second screen. The player must find Venom. If he does then Spider-Man Venom must be awarded to defeat the big prize. Otherwise, players who consolation prizes.

The other Spider-Man Theme Marvel brands online slots at InterCasino is Spider-Man Revelations. The villain in this case is Dr. Octopus. Spider-Man is the Joker as before. But it can appear on any reel, it duplicate payments and also offer the fixed jackpot payout. The Spider-Man Revelations logo is the scatter symbol. It activates the Dr. Octopus property. Dr. Octopus appears on a train and throws a passenger at Spider-Man. The number of free spins and multiplier are revealed. The player can accept the offer or try again. The option to try again is available twice after the player has to accept the final offer. Whether the player accepts or rejects the offer, Spider-Man saves the passenger. Antics of Spider-Man can also be seen in the animations in the wild and scatter symbols.

Both The Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man Revelations are the Marvel progressive jackpot network are connected. The network consists of three independent jackpots – Superhero and Marvel Hero. The jackpot can be randomly after a round without symbols specified to get on a payline awarded. However, the size of the wager determines the probability of hitting a jackpot. All other Marvel superheroes online slots are connected for this jackpot network.