Honey Bee Themed Slots Online

The honey bee can seem an odd topic for online slot machines. But software vendors have slot machines that created the hard-working but quaint life in the hive and this article discusses some of these games.

Honey Bee on a slot machine from Real Time Gaming software vendors. Lots of honeycomb cells can be seen all over the screen. Honey Bee on has a unique feature. Whenever there is to see a winning combination on the reels a swarm of bees flying are in the background. The topic icons are queen bee, sunflower, honey jar and ladybird. The high value card symbols a honeycomb background a bee flying around them. The working bee is the Joker. It appears only on the first four rollers and doubles payouts when participating in winning combinations. The Beehive is the scatter symbol and offers scatter payouts. If the worker bee appears on reel 1 and the hive appears on reel 5, the player is awarded 15 free spins at doubled payouts. Honey Bee on a Real Series slot machine from Real Time Gaming and therefore provides a randomly triggered progressive jackpot.

Microgaming offers a honey bee themed online slot game titled Pollen Nation. The reference to the pollination that accidentally get involved in the bees, is obvious. Pollen Nation is the kingdom, the Queen Bee, as indicated in the introduction clip. There are many bees as symbols on the reels. The majestic Queen is the wild symbol and offers the highest payout line. The drone bee is exposed to the bite of the scatter symbol. The baby suckles a bottle of honey bee is the bonus symbol. The other bees are the stern looking guards, the nurse and the worker bee carries nectar, honey and the bee post. The high value card symbols are replaced by the products of the hive and honey, honeycomb, jelly, pollen and beeswax tassels. The bonus game is triggered when three or more bonus symbols appear on the reels. Thirty honey cells are displayed on the second screen. The players have the choice honey cells Bonus price is show up a stop honey cell message is revealed.

The best honey bee themed online slot machine is Bee country by Top Game. Published just last year and its technical excellence is evident. As is the practice with top game there is a comic touch to the icons. The crown is the Joker. When it replaced in a winning combination then the Queen appears in attendance on her throne with two drones. The hive has a TV antenna and windows. The symbols are sunflower, lamp, traffic signals and bees as a guitarist, artist, dancer, policemen and caretaker. Honey maker activates the free spins. Players are awarded 12 free spins. Three Honey maker symbols offer a 3x multiplier, four icons provide a 5x multiplier and five symbols offer a 10x multiplier. The Honey Queen Bonus is a three-stage bonus game. In the first stage, the player takes a flower and the bee collects pollen from them. The bee pollen then takes the selected one of the three honey-makers from the player and converts it into honey. The bee finally takes the honey in the queen bee in a hive selected by the player. In each stage, the player bonus credits. However, if the player chooses a booby trap the bonus game be stopped prematurely.