Bonus games in Sports Themed Slots Online

Bonus Slots Video Slots, resembling a bonus game on the second screen. Sports-themed video slots offer a way to integrate innovative and exciting bonus games that go to any extent beyond simply picking objects. To simulate these games, some aspects of sport represented in the slot game with attractive animations and graphics.

As the Euro 2012 will critically balanced, it is appropriate to begin with a football-themed online slot game. One of the best football themed bonus game was seen in the Ash Gaming titles Sensible Soccer. In addition to the game in the usual way triggered player can buy the total bet by paying 30 times. The bonus game simulates the knockout stages of the UEFA Champions League. Animations of the highlights of the goals and near misses are optional. The farther the selected team player progresses in the simulated competition, the more money he will win. However, better teams rather further progress requires a lower payouts. If team scores a player ten or more goals in a game, then the progressive jackpot is to crack.

With Wimbledon starting later this month tennis stars from Playtech starts drawing traffic. In the championship bonus game on the second screen the player a simulated singles match against the computer. The player has to choose if he wants to play men’s singles and women’s singles first. The player then chooses between a flat serve and serve a slice. The player always wins the game in the tennis star. The bonus credits awarded depends on the match score. If the player wins the game of love, then the payout is 50 times the total bet. The number of aces served determines the multiplier. If four aces in the game was the multiplier 5 times.

Playtech also offers a brand boxing themed slot game called Rocky, based on the Sylvester Stallone movie. Knockout bonus, the game n the second screen. Players must choose an opponent for Rocky Apollo, Ivan and clubbers. These are some of boxer Rocky takes actually in the movies. Rocky is a 10-round game simulates struggling with the chosen opponent. For each round, the Rocky wins, the player wins a cash prize. All games end with a knockout in Rocky favor. All rounds after the knockout are considered to be won Rocky and pays for the round.

A bonus game which is actually based interactive and skills is Rival Gaming Golf topic title Hole in Won. This is one of the most popular Rival Gaming i-slots and includes a 9-hole golf course in the bonus rounds. The first time the bonus game on the second screen, the player is triggered to put hole 1. Then the software will automatically move to the next hole until all nine are complete. A continuous evaluation form is displayed in the usual golf format, which made the hole number, par for the hole, the number of strokes and the over or under par score. At each hole, the player gets bonus credits depending on the number of strokes taken to fill the hole. The art element includes in giving direction, and the power of the golf ball by appropriate arrangement of the cursor relative to the ball.